Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Potatoes through a ricer.

I have a new "old toy".  A ricer!  Never heard of a ricer?  Wait a minute, just how young are you?  Mashed potatoes made with a ricer is just a whole different food than ones made with an electric mixer.  You start by cutting up peeled potatoes, boiling, draining, and squashing them through the ricer.
And voila' .. you have mashed potatoes!  Not smooth textured, processed to death mashed potatoes, but fluffy ones with  tiny bits of potatoes throughout.  Last night, after I made them, they were so good, I started looking in the corners of the kitchen to see if grandma was somewhere, hovering in spirit form.  The best thing about it all... leftovers!  This morning I'm going to try potato cakes.   


  1. Used to have one of those and don't know what happened to the handle part, the part that holds the potatoes is still kicking around waiting for me to find another use for it.


  2. Oh, I have one of those and haven't used it in ever so long. Know what else you can do with it? Make Jello and let it chill til firm then push through the ricer. Then mix some Cool Whip into the riced Jello. A fast dessert that looks so pretty in a stemmed dessert dish.


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