Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remember Trolls?

Do you remember those cute little potbellied, wild haired dolls wildly popular from 1963 through 1965?  American produced dolls were called Wishnik Trolls, Treasure Trolls, Gonks, Norfins, and other names.  Mine were Wishniks. 

There's just something endearing about it's optomistic smile, big eyes, and even it's short, fat little arms and legs.  You just can't keep from stroking that hair!

They seemed to really get around too.  This one went to Viet Nam in 1967 to stay with my boyfriend.  My future mother-in-law was apalled that I gave her son a naked doll.  But, that cute little thing worked it's magic, and it became the "good luck troll" that was hung in his helicopter.  It must have worked, too, as they crashed several times without any casualties.

If you're lucky enough to have some of those dolls, they may be worth anywhere from $1. to $5. for Russ dolls, and $15 and up for the 60's dolls.  Earlier dolls, from Sweden, called Dam dolls (named after the inventor), are the prize collectables.  Now, just remember.. if you are going to try to sell your troll, rub his tummy first for good luck!  



  1. We had some of those. Well... ahem... my daughters did. Don't know what happened to them.


  2. OMG, I remember these. I had one for many years until I went off to college. I got rid of all my fun nickie-nackie things. I felt it was all grown to get rid of these so-called silly things. Boy, does this bring back so crazy 60's moments.


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