Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, Customer Service!

Remember the "olden days" when stores helped you carry out your purchases?  I went out for a day with my Red Hat friends yesterday.  We ate, we shopped, we shopped, we shopped... and not being the spring chicken I used to be, I got a little slow towards the end of our trip.  I noticed my friends were already out of the store, so I hurried to the checkout where an employee reached into my cart and laid my purchases on the counter for another employee to check out.  Then he bagged them, scooped the bag up, and opened the front door.  Boy, I thought, I sure must look feeble.  Keeping up a chatty conversation the whole way, he jauntily walked to my friend's car while I tiredly shuffled behind him.  He opened the car's passenger door, and said "There you go, hon, anything else I can do?"  I said "Pick me up and put me in?"
Why did everyone laugh, and why do people assume I'm kidding?  


  1. Yeah!!! Why the laughing?????? -grinnnnn-

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Ohhh, I would never ask anyone to pick me up. Then they would discover just how much I weigh, LOL!


  3. I'd do it! I'd say that (of course they'd run like mad when they looked at me...)


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